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    Time for something a little lighter.  Here’s what I’m planning on going to see in the theaters over the next few months.

    You’ll note that these are not deep, emotional dramas.  I go to the movies to be entertained.  I have a real life for emotions and such.  That being said, anyone who watches the first ten minutes of JJ Abrams Star Trek and doesn’t shed a tear is some kind of psychopath.

    Oblivion – April 19th

    I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise as a person or as an actor, but I would see this movie no matter who was in it.  It’s just looks beautiful.  The plot seems to be a cross between the Matrix and 1984.  Honestly, I’ll probably wait for this one to be on Netflix.

    Iron Man III – May 3rd

    I’ve already requested this day as a vacation day at work.  I will see this one in the theater.  I never liked Iron Man in the comics, but it is, by far, my favorite of the super hero movies.  This one ought to be really good with the Extremis Iron Man armor.  Basically, the armor is nanotech stored in Tony Stark’s bones.  Cannot wait for this one.

    Star Trek Into Darkness  – May 15th

    Yeah, this one too.  I absolutely loved the reboot of Star Trek in 2009.  Like I said, if you didn’t shed a tear in the first ten minutes, then there is something seriously wrong with you.  I don’t know it JJ and the rest can keep it up, but this looks to be an excellent movie… with actual character development.

    After Earth – June 7th

    Another one I’m not too sure about.  I like Will Smith as an actor, but I’m just not sure how this movie will end up.  It will probably be a Netflix view for me and that’s only because it has all the makings of a cross between I Am Legend and a 1970s Disney movie.

    World War Z – June 21st

    I’m not a huge fan of zombie films, but this is based on an instant classic book.  The film, another Netflix watching no doubt.  It’s just not that gripping for me to see in the theaters.

    Pacific Rim  – July 12th

    I want to like this movie so much, I really, really do.  But I know it’s going to be a cult classic at best and just terrible at worst.  The concept is sound, it’s a classic anime trope.  Monsters from the deep, giant robots, an unlikely pair of heroes that must work together.  It’s been done.  As much as I love great special effects, they can’t save a crappy story.  This very easily could be another Robot Jox (don’t ask, really, just walk away).  I don’t think it’s going to Neon Genesis Evangelion, no matter what del Toro thinks.

    The Wolverine – July 16th

    Hugh, please… just stop.  Really.  Just stop.  In the comics (and I did read the X-guys), Wolverine started out as a Canadian side-kick and has become, besides Spiderman, the most recognized and loved comic-book character in Marvel’s stables.  The X-men movies and the two lone movies have destroyed him.  I hate them.  I only mention it here, because I’m going to have to watch it at some point.  I don’t want to, but I will and I will be so, so sorry I did.  How Marvel can turn out the Avengers AND Wolverine, I don’t get, but they did.

    Riddick – September 6th

    When Pitch Black came out, pretty much everyone went “What the fuck?” quickly followed by “That was AWESOME!”.  Then The Chronicles of Riddick came out and everyone went “What the fuck?” quickly followed by “That sucked”.  This movie seems to be following more of the first movie’s premise and therefore might not totally suck.  On the other hand, we might have another Highlander situation here.  There is only ONE highlander movie and anyone who tells you different is lying to you. (See what I did there?)  I have hopes, but they aren’t high.

    Thor: The Dark World – November 8th

    This, I hope is as good as the first one.  Thor had its good points and its bad points.  The good points where when the characters were not on Earth.  The bad points where when they were on Earth.  Let’s hope The Dark World keeps Thor and the Warriors Three far, far away from the Earth.  It’s just better for everyone.

    I’ll briefly mention that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in 2014.  It’s not really on the horizon yet, but if it follows the comic series, it’s going to be very, very good.  I didn’t like the first Captain America movie that much.  It was a  little too long and a lot too slow for a lot of it.  I think Winter Soldier will be much better.


    Let the flame wars begin.

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