• It’s 2013, Why Are We Still in the Middle Ages?

    I really do not understand this.  The United States, in 2010, finally made it into the top five on the Human Development Index. This measures the health, income, and education.  Norway, New Zealand, and Australia beat the US.

    But here we are, in 2013, trying to decide who should have the right to vote.  With a certain political party making onerous requirements and limiting the time available for voting.

    Here we are, in 2013, trying to decide if slavery is bad or not and what to do about it. Nearly 21 million people in the world are slaves according to one report.

    Here we are, in 2013, a time when science and technology run our modern lives… and we still have people who have no idea what science even really is.

    Here we are, in 2013, trying to decide if women should be in control of their own lives and bodies.  And it seems that some women don’t even want that responsibility.

    Here we are, in 2013, trying to decide if everyone deserves the right to be healthy (full vid) and have food.

    It is really a weird thing that our society consists of the haves and the have-nots.  And the haves are constantly trying to get more and the have-nots are just trying to get anything.






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