• What is the Goal of Science?

    Reading a recent creationist blog post and the ensuing thread, I found out that the goal of science is to replace real religion with a government/state religion.  Needless to say, I found this quite shocking.  I must have missed a memo from the mighty leaders of our grand conspiracy of science.

    I say mighty leaders, because (apparently) everything was fine until scientists started discovering all this atheistic, materialistic stuff that turned humans into mere animals and the universe into this impossibly large pit of nothingness.  Apparently, before science, the universe was just a big tent with holes poked in it that allowed the light of heaven to shine… but only at night… which seems… odd…

    But I digress.

    Now I’m curious though.  I know what I think the goal of science is.  But I’m curious as to what others think the goal of science is.

    In the comments, please add your thoughts to what the goal of science is.  If you like, I’d also like to know your background (no personal details needed) to see if I’m just not in the right circles or something.


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