• Global Warming Less Extreme than Feared?

    These kinds of research reports always scare the crap out of me.  It’s not because they challenge my knowledge of understanding about the world, but because they aresoooooooo easy to misinterpret by those who have a bias.

    The research report is pretty simple.  The scientists created a very complex model and then added some human induced factors and examined the results.  The conclusion was interesting, if not exactly Earth shattering.  Basically, it appears that human forcings may be leveling off.  The effects of more and more carbon dioxide aren’t more and more heat retained on the Earth.

    I’m not completely sure I buy this.  It is a model and will have to be confirmed with observations and other data.  At our current rate, we humans will double the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere by about 2050.  This model shows that instead of a 3.7°C warming effect, it will be only about 1.9°C.  Maybe…

    Even if the model is correct. it’s still very close to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) range of 2°C to 4.5°C.  And that’s a critical part of this study.

    To all the climate denialists (or whatever you call yourselves): This report does not mean that human induced climate change is wrong.

    I can’t stress that enough.  This report is actually in line with previous work.  However, this report will, no doubt, be the rallying cry of thousands of AGW denialists.  But they won’t be reporting the final comments by the authors.

    Terje Berntsen emphasises that his project’s findings must not be construed as an excuse for complacency in addressing human-induced global warming. The results do indicate, however, that it may be more within our reach to achieve global climate targets than previously thought. (Science Daily)

    I just cringe when I see things like this because I know that it will be taken out of context by denialists.

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