• 2013 is NOT the year to quit… for most people

    If there is one thing that’s a constant on the internet it’s people telling other people what to do.  This article is a case in point.

    Ten reasons to quit your job in 2013.  Let me say that I love my job.  It’s interesting.  I’m good at it.  I’m pretty well respected in the organization.  I could use a bit more money, but as corporate jobs go, it’s fantastic.

    Most people are not this lucky and I get that.  I’ve been in some truly shitty jobs.  At one point, I was sitting on the side of my bed with a gun in my hand wondering if it would be easier to never go to work again.  I quit that day and things were rough, but I survived.

    The economy is not so good now.  I know lots of people with multiple degrees and loads of experience who can’t get jobs (or even interviews).  Several people in my office have recently quit to pursue their dreams.  One of my friends quit to become a real estate agent… three months later, he had his real estate license and was teaching 7th grade to pay off the debt from getting his certification.  Another friend is pursuing her dream of being a full time artist and she continues to do OK.  I think most of her work is now is as a writer for the company she just left though.  She’s got the same work and pay, just without the surety of more work after the assignment is finished.

    I guess it’s OK for the writer of that article to promote being your own boss.  After all, he’s been an investor and made his millions.  He can do whatever he wants now.  Including promote dumb ideas.

    So, if everything in that article is true (and I don’t think that it actually is), then what?  Well, let’s say that everyone in corporate America does decide to quit this year.  By 2014, there will be no employees in major companies.  What does that mean?

    Well, we still have to have telecommunications service (especially for the work from home types) and food and electricity and medicine and hospitals etc. etc. etc.  So, either all those employees will be hired back as consultants to do the same work for more money (Ha!) or a lot of these services and products will go away.  We would have a nation of people selling cookies to each other (until the wheat and sugar ran out).

    I totally understand that corporate America is out of control.  The CEOs are raking in billions while salaries have stagnated and employment levels have dropped.  This results in more work for fewer people who get the same pay.  It sucks.

    Everyone quitting is not the answer.  The answer is corporate law reform.  The days of people doing amazing research in their garages are over.  I’m willing to bet that the world will never see another Steve Jobs garage –> Apple success story again.

    I really don’t think that most people in the US (or most people at all) have the skills or drive to succeed as entrepreneurs.  I don’t.  I wouldn’t mind doing some consulting or some speaking events, but I couldn’t ever make a living off of it.  Am I scared?  Yeah, I’m the only person in my entire family that has a full time job.  That’s a heavy burden and I salute the courage (but question the intelligence) of people who, under similar conditions, quit their job and decide to do their own thing.

    My artist friend, she has been selling her work for years before she quit.  That’s a good start.  She also lined up some work for immediately after she quit, that was smart too.   My other friend just quit.  I think I would have tried to work on a certification or license while still working, then quit.

    Anyway, I tend to be skeptical of people promoting certain strategies as if they would work for everybody and everything.  This writer is obviously skilled at something, but I don’t think he gets it.  I think he’s missing something.  He’s missing that not everyone is like him.  In my experience, the Type-A people (for lack of a better term) often don’t understand that not everyone is as driven as they are.  They truly don’t understand why not everyone works (or wants to work) 80 hours a week.

    Anyway, are you planning on quitting your job this year?  I’m not.

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