• A Public Teaching Hospital to be Owned by Catholics

    Apparently, Austin and Central Texas will soon be home to the only public teaching hospital (University of Texas Medical Branch) owned by the Catholic Church.

    During the election, residents of Travis County approved Proposition 1 which was a property tax increase to build a new teaching hospital for the University of Texas. But the hospital, built on public land will be built by, owned by, and run by Seton, which is a fully Catholic owned institution.

    There’s a lot of people not happy about this.  A lot of people think that this was already planned for before the vote took place and all current negotiations are behind closed doors.

    One of the issues is that a Catholic run teaching hospital (Brackenridge, operated by Seton) is already farming out abortions and relate elective procedures (sterilization for example) to other hospitals and if doctors are to be trained in those techniques, then they have to go to other hospitals for training.  This is a PUBLIC hospital and it’s a teaching hospital.  It is not, and must not be allowed to be, a vehicle for the Catholic faith.

    There’s a lot to this article, feel free to read.

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    Article by: Smilodon's Retreat