• My Black Friday

    was spent at Space Center Houston with my boy.  We saw the rockets, including a full sized Saturn V.  He got to see the inside of the shuttle mockup.  We ate space ice cream (the freeze dried stuff).  We saw mission control and a neat Mad Science program.

    The best part (for me) was the movie about the history of space flight.  All the way from the tiny little Mercury/Redstone to the football field sized ISS.  It’s really stunning to see the first Soyuz/Apollo docking and remember how two (for all intents and purposes) sworn enemies could meet, in space, and be friends.  There’s a montage of all the countries represented on the ISS and one display has Russian gear.

    It’s absolutely stunning to think about how we can all get along and how we can all do amazing things when we work together towards a common goal.


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