• The Cell Phone Naming Contest

    Hi All.  I just saw this article today. And I just can’t stomach the utter lack of creativity and pitifulness of names in modern technology.

    So, I’ve decided we should hold a contest for the best cell phone (or any technology) name.  Here’s the rules.

    1. Leave a comment below with a killer name for a cell phones (or any other piece of technology you like)
    2. Describe the device if it’s not a cell phone  (bonus points if the name is awesome AND matches the abilities of the device)
    3. Leave a like if you see another name that’s awesome.
    4. The contest is open for one week (until Sunday Nov 18).  The winner will be announced Monday evening.

    No prize, except unending fame ( well for at least a few days) and a chance for a few laughs.

    Here’s one to get you started:

    The Euglena (yes it must be italicized) – It’s a mobile device that is partially powered by the sun.  It also eats smaller devices.

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    Article by: Smilodon's Retreat