• OH My Blood Pressure…

    Man, I just can’t take this.  I have to take a break from arguing with people, especially people who are immune to reason.  It pisses me off so badly, my blood pressure goes up, I can’t sleep.  It’s really unhealthy.

    The latest event was another argument about GM foods.  My friend just stated “Yes, we’ve had GM food for the last 20 years, why do you think cancer rates and other diseases have gone up over the last 20 years?”

    It took my less than 20 seconds to type in “US cancer rate, 20 years”, find a link to the cancer.gov website and learn that since 1990, cancer rates in the US have decreased.

    I asked my friend if she would now claim that GM foods have reduced the cancer rate in the US.

    I fell like I have to present the other side.  No one seems to be actually presenting the reality of GM foods… anywhere.  But it just really gets unhealthy for me.  I’ve got to take a step back.  I’ve got a lot of research on a lovely GM food post.

    Basically, in the US, 88% of corn is GM.  90% of papaya is GM*.  Over 90% of all soybean is GM and over 75% of all cotton is GMOver 95% of all sugar beets in the US is GM.  Sugar beats account for 55% of all table sugar in the US.

    In fact, herbicide tolerant soybeans have been more than 50% of the US production since 1999.

    I keep asking if we have to label all table sugar as GMO and all canola oil as GMO.  Never mind that the process for extracting the useful compounds completely removes all DNA and compounds other than the oils or sugars.

    But no, the Tru Believer(tm) mentality has set in.  They are right, nothing that anyone says will convince them otherwise.  It’s really depressing.

    * note that there would be zero papaya grown in the US without the GM crop.  Like a vaccine, papaya that is immune to the ringspot virus is being used as a line of defense for organic (non-GM) papaya.

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