• Thank You For Having Me

    Hi all,

    It’s an honor to be joining this network.  When I see the names and achievements of the others I ask “WTF was I thinking?”  But John and Ed asked me to come (after I begged) and that’s something of an achievement in and of itself.

    Please read my about page.  It’s a very interesting take on me.  But if you like some specifics.  I am a science content specialist for a major publishing company.  Basically that means that I review writers’ material (and write some) judging it for scientific accuracy, style, and other qualities.  That gets fairly interesting when my first read of the day is dark matter, followed by the positive aspects of intestinal parasites in sharks, then we move into a comparison of methane and hydrogen as rocket fuels, and on and on.

    I’m not an expert in anything.  But I know a lot about a lot.  I’m one of those weirdos who reads scientific papers for fun (and for a living).  One of my favorite books is The Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives.  I also really like talking about origins of life and evolution.  Throw in some space science, the occasional environmental article, some politics and you have a good idea of where we’ll be going.

    I’m a huge skeptic.  I’ll tell you some funny stories about when I wasn’t a skeptic.  I think mainly I learned to be skeptical by enjoying arguments.  Or more precisely, winning arguments.  That’s when I learned about data, evidence, and valid conclusions.

    So what do you really need to know about me?  Josh Whedon is the greatest creative mind of our century.  Nathan Fillion is one of the greatest actors in the world.  Sean Connery was the best Bond.  Too much chocolate is never quite enough.  Felids rule… except for subfamily hyaena. Wikipedia isn’t a source, but it’s a source of good sources.  And Central Texas really isn’t a part of Texas.

    I hope you read what I have to say.  Always feel free to comment.

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