• The Pandemic Foretold? Pt.3

    Was the COVID-19 pandemic predicted by psychic means? Well, no. In Part 1, we looked at a selection of paranormal prophets who didn’t see it coming; in Part 2, we looked at Joni Patry, a Vedic astrologer who claims to have seen it coming, but really didn’t. Now, in Part 3, we’ll look at the 2020 prophecies of a self-described spiritual medium who is also claiming a direct hit on the coronavirus. In fact, he’s an old favourite of mine.

    For several years, my New Year’s entertainment was writing a blog post about what psychics had predicted for the year—the previous year, that is. Hilarity ensued, at least on my part. One of my frequent examinees was a nice Catholic boy from Pennsylvania who had turned spiritual medium, psychic clairvoyant, and medical intuitive: Joseph Tittel, aka Spiritman. And then, after a few years, his output became boringly same-old, so I lost interest. Since I last visited his site, he upped stakes from Pennsylvania and moved to Sedona, Arizona, woo capital of America, where tourists are literally guaranteed to see nightly UFO activity, and New Age shops probably outnumber supermarkets. Frankly, it seems like the right sort of place for him.

    Tittel’s predictions for 2020 appeared in a marathon YouTube livestream on January 1st, with over 36K views so far. Four of those views were me, slogging through the whole thing in several sittings. The presentation was rambling, repetitive, and toned with a kind of cheerful doom; but, in contrast to Joni Patry’s arcana-bloated maunderings, Mr. Tittel’s stream of consciousness was at least entertaining. He also seemed quite likeable, to the point where I shall fondly call him Joseph, but there is no doubt he is a few cards short of a Tarot deck.

    Joseph lives in a Manichean world where tiny, evil, elite cabals conspire to keep the rest of us poor sods under control. Though these monsters in human (or reptilian) form are clearly satanic, Joseph prefers to call them “Luciferian.” They have enormous power, infinite reach, technology far beyond anything they will allow us to have, and a ruthless master plan to consolidate world domination. Every nasty disastrous thing you can think of is part of their strategy to manipulate us sheeple. Fluoride. Vaccinations. Storms. Oil spills. Wildfires. False flag operations. Chemtrails. Walmart. Etc. And there’s more! Apparently, this satanic elite operates massive subterranean installations devoted to pedophilia and organ harvesting, into which 90% of missing children vanish without trace. Jeffrey Epstein, very much alive, is dwelling there even now. This narrative of conspiracy and enslavement underpins most of Joseph’s psychic forecasting.

    The New Year’s presentation is two hours, twenty minutes, and twenty-seven seconds long. Most of it is the usual top-of-the-year list of disasters to come. Florida, California, Mexico, and the Carolinas will have a whole bunch of weather—not just hurricanes, but typhoons. (Note: they can manipulate the weather.) Volcanoes will erupt in Indonesia, Alaska, and South America. Trump will win the election and then be murdered, so they can put Nancy Pelosi into power. (She’s one of them.) North Korea will launch more rockets, but some of them will be false-flag events to make North Korea look bad. They will also stage some mass shootings to make Trump look bad and give them an excuse to take American guns away; and when they come for the guns, a civil war will erupt in Virginia and spread from there. Mick Jagger is a Reptilian. All the polar ice will melt this summer. There will be major oil spills, some of them deliberate. Wildfires are set so they can clear the land for fracking, which is why all the fresh water in rivers is disappearing. College students will rise up against something or other.

    China comes in for a lot of mentions, but Joseph’s attitude is confusing. On the one hand, China is the Foe, especially in trade wars and possibly worse—on the other hand, its leaders are part of the elite cabal, and major players in the underground pedophilia/organ-harvesting industry. China is thus a prime mover in the conspiracy to force the whole world onto digital currency, which the Luciferians will control.

    At 1:26:37, Joseph begins a diatribe against vaccinations, yet another sinister thing they are doing to enslave the populace. Oh, says he, some vaccines have been proven, and do some good, but the real goal is to get everybody chipped and at their mercy, through the medium of a vaccine. (Like the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation, the chip will be necessary if we want to buy or sell anything, and will also enable them to track us using GPS, and even kill us remotely.) Somewhere in the world, Joseph thought, the measles vaccine was already mandatory—he seemed to mention the Sumerians, though I can’t imagine why—but a mandatory measles vaccine was only part of a longer-term scheme:

    …that’s just a small test of what they’re going to do everywhere else. They’re gonna put out a big scare, and make everybody all of a sudden start having the measles, and that’s coming to the US, people, that’s coming to Europe, they’re gonna do something and make it so big. They do it with the flu vaccines…

    Insert predictable diatribe against the flu vaccine. But then comes the money quote, the actual prediction:

    So [in 2020] there’s a lot of vaccination pushes and scares and a new disease where they’re gonna utilize this as a way of pushing – a new disease, or an old disease that comes into it – kinda like polio coming back, or something that we haven’t seen in decades, all of a sudden arises again. The measles, that’s one of them. But there’s another one besides that. And they’re gonna do…a push and a scare to get people vaccinated for this. And they’re going to make this outbreak look so bad that you’re going to go into fear. And then measles—oh, I did write measles down—a measles outbreak and an Eboli (sic) outbreak are two of the big outbreaks you’re gonna see. [Diversion into the “Eboli” panic several years ago.] They’re going to do something like that, very very soon, probably, even more so, right after the presidential election. End of November, December, around the holidays.

    Now, this was the entire basis of Joseph’s later claim that he accurately predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, the event that has swept all other events of the first quarter of 2020 off the table, with incalculable knock-on effects. It took up four minutes out of 144 ½ minutes. It was wrong on the disease and the timing; it seemed to refer only to the US; and it made the outbreak part of an insane conspiracy narrative related to vaccines, which do not yet exist for the virus. As a prophecy, it sucked.

    Nevertheless, by mid-March Joseph was all about the pandemic. YouTube videos uploaded on March 7th and March 16th were a wild mix of contradictory takes on why they had started the pandemic in the first place, what they hoped to get out of it, and what would happen next. More to the point, he proclaimed this was the vaccine-related event he had been predicting for years and had specifically included in his New Year’s forecast. His feeling was that COVID-19 would suddenly and mysteriously fade away, but would be brought back in the late 2020s, a striking parallel with Sylvia Browne’s 2008 “prophecy.” Alas, I think all that proves is that Joseph gets his news from the internet, just like the rest of us.

    But fear not! In all three of the cited videos, Joseph had a hopeful message. The vicious, power-mad Luciferian cabal are almost due for a good whupping from the gathering forces for good. Their lies and machinations and knavish tricks will be exposed; the subterranean installations will be brought to light, the pedophiles and murderers will be brought to justice, the world will be brought to peace and freedom. It’s mostly to do with an energy shift, apparently, but it sounds quite nice.

    Meantime, Joseph did something I quite liked. He took the growing pandemic seriously. Don’t panic. Have enough food for at least thirty days, but stock up slowly and make sure there’s something left on the shelves for other people. Don’t be a moron about toilet paper. Make sure you have water and an alternate mode of cooking, for when they cut off the utilities as part of their dastardly plot. Above all, stay home. This goes to show that, though Joseph may be a few stars short of a constellation, he is as least smarter than President Trump. As a prophet, however, he did no better than the rest of the psychics.

    They failed, bigtime. Any of them whose New Year’s predictions mentioned a disease or a virus in any terms at all, no matter how vague or off-handed or inaccurate in detail, claims a hit—but not one of them gave any intimation of the world in lockdown, an event that will condition all other events for some time to come. What price their trivia about how celebrities will fare in 2020, or how the Tokyo Olympics will turn out, or who will win championship series that have all been cancelled anyway?

    If psychic prophecies actually worked, they could be very useful. They could help us ward off disaster. They could save lives. As it is, they benefit only the psychics, in at least two ways. First, by reshaping a vague pronouncement into a firm prediction after the fact, the psychic prophets gain bragging rights. I’m the psychic who predicted the Japanese earthquake, the Boxing Day tsunami, the disappearance of Flight MH370, the COVID-19 pandemic! Bragging rights translate into dollars.

    Second, the psychics gain validation for their particular belief systems, at least in the eyes of their fans and themselves. Joseph’s paranoid conspiracy theories, Joni Patry’s strikingly malleable Vedic charts, any tinpot psychic’s claim of clairvoyant powers, will be seen as confirmed. It works! I saw it in the stars, the cards, the revelations from Spirit!  This, too, translates into dollars. Meantime, the 99% of their prophecies that fail outright, or cannot be twisted into a hit, or were bloody obvious to begin with, are quietly forgotten.

    I’ll give the last word to the Cosmic Dawn New Galactic Paranormal Warrior Alliance, a druidic/shamanic group of haruspices—entrail diviners—whose prophecies never fail.* According to the entrails of their latest goat, Donald (left), the pandemic will end soon unless it goes on for a long time; the stock market will be volatile until it stabilizes; and the 2020 Olympics will be postponed for a year. Oh wait, that one already happened….

     *And whom I made up for a previous post.

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    Article by: Rebecca Bradley