• The Pandemic Foretold? Pt.2

    Did the psychics warn the world about COVID-19? In Part 1, I looked briefly at a selection of self-proclaimed psychics rendering their 2020 forecasts before or around New Year’s Day—and no, they did not see it coming, though some valiantly retrofitted their forecasts to take the pandemic into account once it was clear coronavirus was a thing. That’s the phenomenon—the retroactive hit—that we’ll examine in Parts 2 and 3, by taking a closer look at some old favourite psychics of mine.

    First, we have the Miss Piggy of the Uncanny Valley, Joni Patry (pa-TREE), whom I wrote about in 2016 when she entertainingly failed to predict Trump’s presidential victory. A Vedic astrologer by trade, with a YouTube channel and her own little Vedic Astrology university, she routinely serves up highly technical word salads with a dressing of New Age spirituality-speak. For example, from an effusion dated 4th of February:

    “The most important message that is being revealed now is the Jupiter and Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius. This conjunction has activated something very deep within all of us. As Ketu is the moksha karaka in a chart, it inspires us to find that spiritual essence within. Jupiter’s conjunct with Ketu particularly in the sign of truth and spiritual beliefs has activated huge issues for us to learn from.”

    Patry’s predictions for 2020 are found in a string of videos, starting with one dated 28/12/2019 entitled “January 2020 Predictions: Most Amazing Year Ever! Be Ready!” For reasons to do entirely with planetary conjunctions in this constellation or that, plus a lot of Vedic abstrusities, this was going to be a transformational year when science and spirituality (which are apparently the same thing) would merge; a year of awakening, when those of us who aligned our mental and spiritual energies could create anything we wanted by tapping into the enormous powers generated by the astrological alignments; a year of revelation, when all the corruption and darkness of sex- and drug-trafficking in high places would be exposed in some very juicy scandals indeed; and a year when Earth Shifts, particularly in the Middle East under the track of the December eclipse, would lead to an explosive event, possibly nuclear. I may have missed a few items, as she frequently rambled off into strings of Vedic technicalities delivered with an air of huge significance—but nowhere did she prophesy anything that could be construed as a pandemic, unless “sweeping away the old” was to be taken literally.

    As January wore on in the real world, we saw “a little cloud, no bigger than a man’s hand” swelling over China into a massive thunderhead, with the astonishing lockdown of tens of millions of people; we saw the virus spread beyond China’s borders.  Patry’s forecast for February, uploaded on January 31st, warned of danger—but, though “all sorts of viruses coming up in the world” got a quick mention at about 17:30, the danger would be from terrorism, fanaticism, and warlike rumblings with possible nuclear overtones, explicitly linked with some huffiness with Iran last June. And why would this danger arise? Well, it’s obvious, really:

    “[Since June] Mars has gone all the way from Gemini, all around to Sagittarius, where it’s going to trigger the nodal axes of Rahu in Ketu again. Mars is the trigger. So Mars is really going to come into this point and cross over into the previous eclipse degree point that we had on December 26 2019, the degree eclipse point of around nine degrees of Sagittarius…This happened on September 11 2001, that Mars was opposed exactly by the previous eclipse degree that had happened in June that summer, and then in September, it hit it. Mars will hit that eclipse degree February 20-21st.

    I hope that clarifies matters. Now, it was clear from context that she was talking, not about a pandemic, but about a military or terrorist event, though she (and her commenters) freely reinterpreted her predictions after the fact. But on February 2nd she invited her European fans to sign up for a two-day workshop in Rome in late April, which suggests that her charts did not warn her about the devastating outbreak in Italy less than three weeks later. An article posted on her website on February 4th spoke of a major world-shaking event in the offing, but again linked it to terrorism and fanaticism. A video posted on February 8th regarding the USA in particular gave mixed messages: a good transformational change that would change the world forever, but also trouble with powerful, fanatical enemies of the USA leading to something very violent between February 19th and 23rd. By the end of March and into April, there would be big shifts in government and the economy.

    Patry’s first mention of the coronavirus was on February 11th, suggesting that she was starting to notice the news, like everybody else. However, she claimed in this and later videos that she had predicted the epidemic as far back as September 2019, so I checked it out; it seems that Mars would be in Virgo between September 25th and November 9th, meaning it would be a particularly bad flu season in that period specifically. Predictions through February and into March continued to forecast something big in the USA to do with terrorism and fanaticism and stunning revelations of secret corruption in high places, rebuilding and healing, and a volatile stock market—fortunately, March would be a good month for the stock market, money, and the economy in general.

    Until later in March, Patry clearly viewed the spiralling spread of COVID-19 as a problem that would not seriously affect the United States, though China would be “in for a rough ride” and would incur great losses in lives and on the stock market. It was that pesky December eclipse, you see. Anyway, wasn’t it pretty much the line that Trump was taking at the time? Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan would plan a move to Switzerland, Sweden, or the United States (February 21), and Prince Andrew would be plagued by lawsuits in March (February 25). Incidentally, Jeffrey Epstein’s chart shows conclusively that he did not commit suicide. On March 10, it looked to Ms. Patry as if Britain’s (and HM the Queen’s) biggest upcoming woes would involve scandal in the royal family leading to national humiliation; Patry urged sending thoughts and prayers to England in their difficult time.

    The silliness continued into the middle of March. On March 17, the day before the USA reported nearly 3,000 new cases of Coronovirus and closure of the border with Canada to nonessential travel, Ms. Patry chatted about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction signifying a great global change that would bring together all the nations and (I think) resolve America’s trade wars with everybody else. On the same day, however, March 17th, Ms. Patry participated in a livestream with a cringingly sycophantic colleague who specializes in dream interpretation, in which Ms. Patry humbly accepted adulation for having predicted, accurately and amazingly, the COVID-19 pandemic. She ends by recommending the completely useless hair-dryer remedy for coronavirus.

    Now, I sat through many hours of stultifying nonsense to come to this observation: Ms. Patry’s “great event” for 2020 was first touted as a major transformational awakening, drawing power from planetary conjunctions and whatnot; then it morphed into a devastatingly violent attack on America, comparable to 9/11 in its global consequences; and then it morphed again, in March, into a miraculous prevision of the COVID-19 pandemic. I do not recommend sitting through all those videos—I will be gibbering and staring into corners with a haunted expression for some time—but if you want the full flavour of Ms. Patry’s style, I would recommend her exposition on how she so accurately predicted the pandemic. It’s only about nineteen minutes long, so the brain damage should be minimal.

    In Part 3, I’ll conclude by looking at the 2020 predictions of another old favourite, and making some general remarks on the bloody uselessness of psychic prophecies.

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    Article by: Rebecca Bradley