• Spiritman vs the Illuminati

    The year 2020 took us all by surprise, including self-proclaimed psychics; however, paranormal prognosticators bravely stepped up to the plate after the fact, as I documented in several blog posts in March and April 2020. (See this, this, and this.) Any offhand mention these prophets had ever made of an epidemic or a new disease, anytime in the last ten years, suddenly became a direct hit. Typical.

    In the previous post, I discussed the nutrition-free word salad of Vedic astrologer Joni Patry, whom I think is happy to use the tropes of popular conspiracy theories but is not really committed to them. Spiritman Joseph Tittel, a professional psychic and healer who gets his info in the form of headlines and occasionally voices from “Spirit,” is a different matter.

    I am actually able to listen to Joseph’s youtube videos, unlike Patry’s. They are almost entertaining, if you just let them trickle over your brain like the outflow from a warm bubble bath. I find Patry as plastic as the Barbie doll she so closely resembles, but Little Joe Tittle is a real live boy—unfortunately, I think he is also a delusional/deluded one. And looking back over his pronouncements from the past ten years or so, the progress of his delusions is clear and disturbing.

    Prior to 2015, Joseph’s predictions were the common-or-garden guff of all psychic prognosticators, applied with a devil-may-care firehose. There would be hurricanes along the Gulf Coast and earthquakes in the Ring of Fire, terrorist attacks and plane crashes somewhere in the world, celebrity scandals and sinking cruise ships and epidemics and so forth. Like all psychic prophets, Joseph claimed extraordinary hits that evaporated when examined; and, like all the rest, he conveniently forgot the predictions that were simply wrong, which was most of them. Though he made the odd mention of flying saucers, nurturant aliens on Earth to help us, and a shadowy dark force working to bring about the New World Order, his predictions were mostly pretty mundane. Natural disasters were natural disasters. Ships sank and planes crashed and celebrities died because shit happens.

    Fast-forward five years, to 2020/2021. Nowadays, Mr. Tittel is all about the Illuminati Deep State Cabal, as he calls it. (We’ll call it the IDSC for short.) He still predicts earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, epidemics, and wildfires, but they are no longer natural disasters. They have amazing technologies beyond anything we can imagine (partly bestowed by their alien collaborators), which enable them to control the weather, cause earthquakes and volcanoes, and even travel in time. They set off the big wildfires in California and Australia, plus the Nashville explosion, using drones or lasers from space. Pandemics are a doddle for them to set up, in preparation for injecting us with DNA-altering vaccines and/or microchips.  Plane crashes, mass shootings, 9/11, riots, wars, and terrorist attacks are all false-flag operations carried out to spread fear and make us malleable to their evil designs. On top of all, Joseph has internalized the QAnon/Pizzagate blood libel of high-level pedophilia and satanic (Luciferian) child-cannibalism practiced by the cabal seeking to consolidate its control over us.

    This disparity between 2014 and 2020 tempts one to think that Joseph’s incorporeal informant, Spirit, is not very competent. Why, prior to 2015, did Spirit keep Joseph ignorant of the dire motives behind “natural” disasters? And why was Joseph kept in the dark even longer about the true evil nature of certain high-profile public figures? For example:

    Queen Elizabeth

     Pre 2015: Our Lillibet was an estimable old lady with a problematic family, who needed us to “focus on sending love and a protective shield around the queen and the royal family” because she and they were in danger of assassination, just as Diana was murdered by dark, malign forces. Joseph ended with “Long live the Queen!”

    2020: Joseph was inspired by a dream to watch the Queen’s 2020 Christmas speech, and had much to say about it. The old lady is looking good because adrenochrome is doing wonders for her. (Adrenochrome is the IDSC’s drug of choice, derived from the blood of tortured babies, QAnon’s updated version of the old blood libel.) But nothing can hide her reptilian eyes and the evil darkness in her face, which is shared by her up-coming reptilian successor, Prince William. Prince Harry, on the other hand, has escaped from the darkness with his lovely Meghan and has sought asylum in the United States—he takes after his fabulous mother Diana, who was murdered by the IDSC because she knew too much. Kate Middleton is “programmed.” Charles and Camellia (sic) will never become king and queen.

    What is quite entertaining is Joseph’s abysmal ignorance. Our current queen is not actually the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), as he seems to believe. He probably means Queen Victoria, who was not even Lillibet’s grandmother, but her great-great-grandmother. He expresses surprise that the Queen’s speech kicks off with an American anthem, “My Country, Tis of Thee.” He is ignorant of the history of Christmas trees, which were indeed popularized in Britain by Victoria and Albert, and do not go back thousands of years to pagan times. He is correct that the Duke of Edinburgh will never be king, though incorrect that it is sinister—Philip is prince consort, and something like 500th in line for the throne at the age of 99. Joseph does numerology around the date of the Queen’s birthday, while getting the year of her birth wrong (1926, not 1929). And so much more. But the bottom line is how Joseph’s view of Elizabeth R morphed from human to reptilian, from potential assassination victim to drinker of murdered children’s blood, in only five or six years. Was Spirit fooled by Her Majesty prior to 2015? And if so, what bloody use is Spirit?

    Hillary Clinton

    2014/2015: In these years, in Joseph’s world, the Illuminati were mostly invisible puppeteers pulling the strings of presidents and high officials from behind the scenes. Hillary Clinton was the woman who needed to be elected in the 2016 presidential race, because (unlike Bill) she would have the balls to stand up to those pesky dark forces. Alas, for that very reason, the Illuminati would not want her in the White House and would rig the election to make sure she could not win. “If Hillary Clinton runs, which she will, they will hand her ass to her on a silver plated plater. They are going to eat that woman apart.” Her probable opponent would be Jeb Bush, as the Bushes are a “huge part of the Illuminati.”

    2016: In a complete volte-face, Spirit was now telling Joseph that the grand Illuminati plan was to put Hillary in the White House, which was why Trump had been put up as her opponent. Honestly, she could not lose. Why else would such close friends as Hillary and Donald run against each other?

    2020: Hillary, as we all know, lost the 2016 election, contra Spirit’s intel. It seems, however, that when Gloria Vanderbilt died in 2019, Hillary ascended to her slot in the Mothers of Darkness, the powerful council of Luciferian witches who actually run the Illuminati. Which, of course, makes her a pedophiliac cannibal like all the rest of the IDSC, and ironically more powerful than the president. It is funny Spirit didn’t see that coming, back in 2014.

    Donald Trump

    2012: Joseph rants about what a liar Trump is, “sneaky and bad,” and only out for personal gain. Fortunately, his hubris would rebound on him in 2012, possibly with the cancellation of his show. Oh, and Trump would have no interest in running for election in 2012, but might in 2016, though only for the publicity.

    2015: Another rant: “It is as if he can not keep his mouth shut & his face out of view in 2015. He will offend many with what he says and never offers up an apology for his negative bullying. He is about to get some karma back in 2015 & 2016.” There would be rumours about him running for president, but his big ego would keep him from getting very far.

    2016/2017: Trump would be nominated to run for president, but would not make it much further; the media would appear to be pulling for him at the beginning, but would break him in the end. And, as we saw above, it was all part of a master plan to place Hillary in the White House. Later in the year, when Trump did win the presidency after all, Joseph discovered the Hopi Prophecy about a strong man in a red hat who would cleanse the world—presto, the failure of his prediction was somehow rationalized.

    2020/2021: The Hopi Prophecy is still going strong in Joseph’s head, along with lots of numerology related to the number seven. Trump had been placed in the White House by angelic forces and was secretly working to drain the swamp of the Luciferian IDSC. This year or next could see the Great Awakening, when Trump would lead the forces of good to defeat the forces of evil, and mass arrests, suicides, and executions of the wicked elite would follow. Trump would win the 2020 election, of course, and rule until the seventh month of the seventh year of his reign (i.e., third year of his second term), and then die. Meantime, the Illuminati were planning a meteor strike and all sorts of terrible false-flag events, while the pandemic would be their excuse to cut the world’s population in half and inject the survivors with DNA-altering vaccines. Thank heaven for the Avenging Donald! It was all very QAnon, though Joseph disavowed any QAnon leanings.

    When Trump did not win the election, the story fell even further into line with QAnon conspiracy theories, with some twists of Joseph’s own. The Illuminati Deep State Cabal was pushing back hard against Trump, even from inside the White House. Mike Pence was one of them, and the worst pedophile of all. Jared Kushner was a plant inside Trump’s own family; their time-travel capabilities allowed them to see ahead and marry Jared off to Ivanka before Trump even thought of running for president. Even so, right through into January, Joseph doubled down on his prophecy that Trump, not Biden, would be inaugurated on January 20th.

    On the eve of the inauguration, Joseph was excited but tense. Stock up on food. Stay safe at home. Believe nothing you hear except perhaps on NewsMax. All hell was about to break loose in DC next morning, with fire and explosions and riots and false-flag events galore, including some in holographic form. The forces of light (the “white warriors”) had taken a gut-punch, but they would win in the end; Donald Trump had been sabotaged but was still working on fulfilling the Seven Prophecies. An element that was new to me in Joseph’s oeuvre was mentioned numerous times: the Illuminati Deep State Cabal (derived from the Hebrew Kabbalah) was Zionist and Jewish as well as Satanist, housed in and controlled from Israel with backing from the Rothschilds. Naturally, though, Joseph is not anti-Semitic. He has Jewish friends! There is much more nonsense in the video—FEMA concentration camps, BLM and Antifa, Chinese troops on the borders and Egyptian planes over DC, etc—but nothing else as frankly loathsome as the Zionist claim. I do wonder whether the Joseph of 2014 would have said any such thing. Oh yeah–apparently Trump ain’t goin’ nowhere and will be back to fulfill the Hopi prophecies.

    Joseph’s next video, put up a few days after the inauguration, was so deranged that it was removed and he was suspended from YouTube for a week. I swear, I was not the one who reported it. Since then, he has started shifting his channel to the safe haven of Rumble, whose community standards are considerably laxer. Also, I think he’s afraid the Zionist Illuminati Deep State Cabal are onto him now. As for myself, I think I’m done with him, but not because he hilariously threatened in the summer to sue me for copyright violation for quoting his predictions in a textbook example of fair use.

    No, there’s no fun anymore in pointing and laughing at Joseph’s prophecies. That ship has sailed. But in him we have a sobering exemplar of a basically well-meaning and rather likeable individual drawn deeper and deeper into the dark paranoia of the conspiracy-theory subculture, like millions of other North Americans. In real time, between 2014 and 2020, we can watch his descent into the lunacy of this 21st-century cult. I wish him well for his recovery, but don’t hold out much hope.

    One thing more: if Joseph turns out to be right about Trump resuming the good fight and bringing down the Illuminati, I’ll eat his hat.

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    Article by: Rebecca Bradley