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Demons, Witches, and Warlocks… Oh My!

I love it when I am having a relatively rational discussion with a Christian and then the Christian starts to go off about demons, witches, and warlocks. It is a facepalm moment that reminds me that “relatively rational” is still batshit crazy.

Pray The Fundamentalist Christian Away

Religious leaders are still telling their followers that they can and should pray the gay away. Not only is that bullshit, but they can’t even torture the gay away through gay conversion “therapy” and one would think that would at least me more effective.

Theists Will Drown In A Lake Of Semen

As an atheist, I think religion is all a bunch of bullshit and yet when religious believers claim that someone can’t get into their imaginary Disney World or will be tortured in their imaginary Guantanamo, it still bothers me. Yeah, I know it is all bullshit anyway, but like all things it is the thought that counts. So let’s have fun with that.

God & Guns

I find it odd that the religions that claim to be “religions of peace” often tend to have the most violent believers. Sure we can point our fingers at Islam and all the beheadings that Muslim extremists are so quick to execute, but Christians aren’t much different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all Christians are violent gun nuts, but I am saying that if you know a violent gun nut, he or she is probably a Christians.

The Boogieman’s Greatest Trick…

I keep telling people that the Boogieman is real. He hides under people’s beds and in their closets and he makes them do horrible things. He is the cause of all that is evil in the world. His greatest trick has been to convince people he doesn’t exist.