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Why Republicans Are Wrong On Economic Issues

I have a few friends who are Republicans mainly because they perceive the Republican Party as pro-business. I should add that on social issues most of my Republican friends are still pretty liberal and many of them are even atheists. I mention that in defense of Dave Silverman who was absolutely correct in trying to reach out to atheist Republicans at CPAC.

How To End The Shutdown In < A Week

Millions of low income families depend on government programs to eat, people are out of work, and whole government agencies have shut down and others like the CDC and NASA have a skeleton crew, but the Republicans need to save face. Well boo-fucking-hoo. Hey Republicans, you need to pass a clean budget bill already because I don’t give a fuck about your feelings.

Open Letter To Senator Rob Portman

Dear Senator Portman,
I am really glad that you switched your position on gay marriage. While it is disappointing that it took you two years to do it, I forgive you. It takes a lot of courage to go against your political party on an issue like this especially when so many religious institutions preach the evils of homosexuality.

Atheism Needs Your Vote Today!

Every year, Netroots Nation has a big conference in which they gather a bunch of progressive activists together for training and informational sessions. In the age of the internet, Netroots Nation has become kind of a big deal. This year, they are having a contest to decide who will get a free booth at the conference to promote a cause. American Atheists Inc. is one of the contestants.