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Why Republicans Are Wrong On Economic Issues

I have a few friends who are Republicans mainly because they perceive the Republican Party as pro-business. I should add that on social issues most of my Republican friends are still pretty liberal and many of them are even atheists. I mention that in defense of Dave Silverman who was absolutely correct in trying to reach out to atheist Republicans at CPAC.

Election Day Prediction Breakdown

Today is Election Day and I will be at the polls all day long with no internet access. That is the price I pay for writing my name on the ballot for Minority Election Inspector. In any case, I know the media is calling this election a squeaker, but it really isn’t. I’m going to call it right not.

Polling Place In A Mormon Temple

This year we have the first Mormon candidate for president and it is entirely possible that the polling place could very well be a Mormon Temple. If you are a Mormon who is undecided or is on the fence, could the fact that the polling place is a Mormon Temple sway you to vote for Mitt Romney? What if you are a recovering Mormon and your polling place is in a Mormon Temple; could that discourage you from voting all together?

What Will Obama’s Excuse Be If…

Even though I voted for Obama in 2008, I never bought into the belief that he was a progressive Democrat. His record has always been moderate to conservative and as President he has been moderate to conservative just as his record had indicated. Some of my Democratic Party friends have told me that Obama is a progressive, but he hasn’t been able to get anything progressive done because the Republicans keep blocking him. I call bullshit.