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Belief Craziness Scale Quiz For Christians

Often times when I am talking about Christianity I try to speak generally. I focus on claims the Bible makes and some of the more popular beliefs that Christians hold. This gets me into trouble because obviously not all Christians are the same and there will always be a Christian who claims that the majority of Christians don’t believe in God literally or something.

Another Embarrassing Reza Aslan Interview

Last week, Author Reza Aslan appeared on Fox News to promote his new book, “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.” In the interview, Fox News embarrassed themselves by fixating on the fact that Aslan is a Muslim. Aslan capitalized on this by pretending to be an objective scholar. Yesterday, Aslan appeared on The Young Turks for an interview and it was he who should be embarrassed:

Searching For The Historical Hercules

While most people today don’t believe Hercules was actually born of a virgin or was half god, there is universal agreement among Zeus-worshiping scholars that there was a real historic Hercules. In fact, only those who have an anti-Zeus bias reject the historicity of Hercules.