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Shifting the Political Landscape in Support of Atheists

If you are an atheist and care about politics, then you really need to support Arizona congressional candidate James Woods. He is the Democratic challenger against a Republican incumbent in a heavily Republican district. On the plus side, he is doing everything right. He isn’t running from his atheism like most politicians in his position. He is actively using his humanist values as a positive.

Open Letter To Senator Rob Portman

Dear Senator Portman,
I am really glad that you switched your position on gay marriage. While it is disappointing that it took you two years to do it, I forgive you. It takes a lot of courage to go against your political party on an issue like this especially when so many religious institutions preach the evils of homosexuality.

It’s About Ideas, Not Labels

Last night, I attended my county Democratic Party nomination convention. The keynote speaker was an elected official from a neighboring county and he gave a pretty good speech. One thing in particular that I liked was that he talked about how it isn’t just about helping people win with “D’s” next to their name. It is about helping people win who support our values. It isn’t about party affiliation; it is about real issues that affect real people.

Election Day Prediction Breakdown

Today is Election Day and I will be at the polls all day long with no internet access. That is the price I pay for writing my name on the ballot for Minority Election Inspector. In any case, I know the media is calling this election a squeaker, but it really isn’t. I’m going to call it right not.

What Will Obama’s Excuse Be If…

Even though I voted for Obama in 2008, I never bought into the belief that he was a progressive Democrat. His record has always been moderate to conservative and as President he has been moderate to conservative just as his record had indicated. Some of my Democratic Party friends have told me that Obama is a progressive, but he hasn’t been able to get anything progressive done because the Republicans keep blocking him. I call bullshit.