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The Evidence In The Stars

I Christian recently told me that the evidence for God is in the stars. Let’s explore that for a moment because I would have gone the opposite way on this. I think that the stars are evidence against Christianity.

I Was Wrong… For Now

One of the things I love about being a person of reason is that embracing reason over faith often encourages people to admit their mistakes and to change their position on various issues. For starters, most atheists once believed in a deity and have changed their position based on new information. All of science is based on the principle that we don’t have all the answers and that some of the answers we do have might not be completely correct or maybe totally wrong.

The Ebola Freakout of 2014

Republicans are freaking out and fundamentalist Christians are declaring that the Ebola “outbreak” in America is the start of the End Times. The media is in full court press mode. The only thing that can knock Ebola out of the news now is a missing plane or a political sex scandal and even they might not be able to take down this scary sounding virus that almost no one in America actually has.

An Atheist’s Vacation

As an atheist activist and blogger, I spend a lot of time thinking about religion, talking to the religious, and intercepting religious evangelists so others don’t have to be bothered. When it comes time to go on vacation, I decided to go to a place where I don’t have to do any of those things – Vermont.

God Didn’t Foresee Fundamentalists

I often criticize and argue against religious fundamentalists because I think there are more of them than people realize and that they wield a great deal of political power in this country. However, many religious criticize me and other atheists for “picking low hanging fruit.” They claim that we aren’t arguing against “real” Christians and that fundamentalists have religion all wrong. That’s interesting, because it seems that God in his all-knowingness couldn’t foresee that fundamentalists would or could “twist” his message so easily.

Christian Films Are Hilarious!

Fundamentalist Christians have been putting out films for a while and not that God’s Not Dead has been successful, we can expect to see more of these super heavy handed religious films from the batshit crazy sector of society.

Ceremonial Prayer

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy claimed that prayer (even explicitly Christian prayer) is not really religious; it is just ceremonial. It is merely a tradition and has no real religious purpose.

Pray The Fundamentalist Christian Away

Religious leaders are still telling their followers that they can and should pray the gay away. Not only is that bullshit, but they can’t even torture the gay away through gay conversion “therapy” and one would think that would at least me more effective.

In For A Pinch, In For A Pound

While fundamentalist religious believers certainly have a lot of ridiculous beliefs, I actually can understand their position much better than I can understand the position of the more nominal believers — as the old saying goes, in for a pinch; in for a pound.