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Atheists Did Not Deliver!

Yesterday was Election Day and atheists had a rare opportunity to send a powerful message to the political system in the United States of America. There was a candidate in Arizona’s 5th congressional district who was an open atheist. This was our chance and atheists did not deliver.

Christian Films Are Hilarious!

Fundamentalist Christians have been putting out films for a while and not that God’s Not Dead has been successful, we can expect to see more of these super heavy handed religious films from the batshit crazy sector of society.

TYT Takes Down Religion

This is why I love it that the number one online news program are filled with rational people who self-identify as “agnostics.” The on-air personalities of The Young Turks aren’t those mean atheists like me; they are open-minded progressives like me. They are also not “preaching” to the “choir” in that their audience isn’t just atheists. I don’t know if I can call them mainstream, but they are certainly more mainstream than the average atheist broadcaster.

Religious Strife vs. Scientific Advancement

Last night Richard Dawkins was on the Daily Show and has once again demonstrated why I am not a fan of his television appearances in America. Maybe he does better with a British audience, I don’t know, but when it comes to American audiences, he just doesn’t do a good job.

Fun Atheism

A new movie trailer for a Christian movie has hit the YouTube. The movie is called, “God Is Not Dead,” and it stars Kevin Sorbo. As an aside, I am a Sorbo fan. He was after all the star of Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda which had one and a half awesome seasons before turning to utter crap. Earlier this year, Sorbo was at the Philadelphia Wizard World convention. I noticed his line of completely empty and I thought about go going over to talk to him. Had I known about this film in June, I absolutely would have.

Atheism Needs Your Vote Today!

Every year, Netroots Nation has a big conference in which they gather a bunch of progressive activists together for training and informational sessions. In the age of the internet, Netroots Nation has become kind of a big deal. This year, they are having a contest to decide who will get a free booth at the conference to promote a cause. American Atheists Inc. is one of the contestants.

The Media Is Doing It Wrong: Rise of the ‘Nones’

On Thursday, I wrote an Examiner article about the rise of the “nones.” Apparently the media loves the fact that according to the new Gallup tracking poll, the “nones” only grew .3% from the previous year. The religious are thrilled that our rise is “slowing down.” But they really shouldn’t be.