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No Religious Tests…

So here is the situation. My local representative on the School Board was a Republican and was caught stealing money from a charity. He was kicked off the School Board and so there was a vacancy. The current Board issued a call for people to replace him. There would be an interview with the Board and then the Board would vote. Since my son will be starting public school in this district, I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

The interview was on Monday night. Most of the questions were standard questions asked of all the candidates until the Republican Vice-President asked me about my atheism.

New Facebook Page

A while ago, I created a Facebook page specifically for Dangerous Talk, but it really didn’t take off the way I was hoping it would for a variety of reasons. For starters, I mainly posted there at 2am and as a result fewer people saw those posts on their feeds. Also, I had one other content creator and he was busy with his own stuff and didn’t post there that often either. But mainly I think the problem was that most people don’t know what Dangerous Talk is. The name alone could mean anything. It just isn’t descriptive enough to people outside of my blog.

Solar Tours

It might not have been as fun as Star Tours, but it was much more educational and could help to save human life on this planet. Last weekend, I went on a Solar Tour of various solar and energy efficient homes in the Maryland area.

PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference Is Almost Here!

September 13th through the 15th is the PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference! Tickets are still available, but they are going fast and there is only a very limited number of tickets at the door. This is the second year of this conference and this year it is in Philadelphia.

My Chick-Fi-A Ethic

Since at least 1998, I have been boycotting Chick-Fi-A. I know some people just found out recently that they hate gays and are massively fundamentalist Christian, but this has been kind of there thing for a long time.

Guns Can be Beautiful

While I’m not a pacifist, I’m also not a fan of violence. Violence is a failure to resolve our problems peacefully. It is true that if people didn’t have guns, they would find some other violent way to deal with the breakdown of peaceful discourse. However, guns do make it extremely easy.

Atheism On Huffington Post

It is no secret that the Huffington Post Religion Section is hostile toward atheists. Some atheist bloggers even refuse to share HuffPo articles in protest of that hostility. That’s totally fair, but I want to come at it from the opposite angle. I want you to share atheist articles from HuffPo… a lot.

Religion In Retail

I recently started working part time in retail and I can foresee some issues that might come up and I want to hear your opinions on them. For starters, I see a lot of my fellow coworkers wearing religious necklaces. Should I wear atheistic jewelry?

The Early Days of Internet Atheism

We’ve all heard that the internet is where religions go to die and it’s true. Recently, VJack over at Atheist Revolution published a great post about his struggle to find information on atheism before the internet. It got me thinking about my own struggles in the early days of they called “The World Wide Web.”