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State By State Isn’t Going To Cut It

The Supreme Court predictably made the least possible decision that they could which continues to move America forward. While it is great that gay rights have moved forward today, the court could have ruled in such a way that would have given equal rights to gays across the country and they didn’t. The fight continues state by state.

The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Christianity

On Sunday, Google put up a picture of Hugo Chavez on their main search engine page. Apparently, a lot of Christians were extremely offended by this. They weren’t offended because of the now dead Venezuelan leader’s policies or because they just didn’t like the guy. No, they were offended because it was Easter and Google didn’t give a shout-out to Jesus.

The ‘Sin’ of Homosexuality

Equality for gays to marry is in the news again as the Supreme Court heard two cases this week on the subject. Surprisingly, even many Christians are starting to come around on this topic. However, some (not all) of the Christians who support marriage equality still have this problem of believing that homosexuality is a sin.

Bigotry Toward Gays Because of The Bible

Dave Silverman was on Fox News yesterday and he made an interesting argument. He said that “bigotry against gays is not a precept of Christianity.” He continued to claim that there are a lot of bigots who use Christianity as a shield against criticism for their bigotry. I disagree with Silverman on this one.

The Bible Isn’t Against Gay Marriage

Christians tell me all the time that the Bible is against homosexuality and that is why they oppose gay marriage. There is a problem with that however… okay, I suspect there are many problems with that, but I want to only focus on this one. The Bible doesn’t say that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry.