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I'm Secular and I Vote

It’s Time for a Secular Forum

According to a new PEW Research report, more than a quarter of Americans now identify as either atheists, agnostics, or as nothing in particular. Isn’t it time for a Secular Forum where Democratic candidates have to answer to secular concerns?

Atheist Blogger Redefines Marriage to Exclude Christians

Christian fundamentalists often complain that “secularists” are trying to “redefine” marriage to include the greater LBGT community. Former Senator, presidential dreamer, and all around assclown, Rick Santorum (Google him), even complained that we might redefine marriage to include “man on dog” relations. Interestingly enough, it seems that lately it has been Christians who have been trying to redefine marriage.

Why The Religious Hate Fred Phelp

Fred Phelps is dead. He was the founder of the now infamous Westboro Baptist Church, which is the smallest famous church you will ever here about. For the most part, the Church is made up of Phelp’s admittedly large family and that is about it. It isn’t like they are some giant mega-church or even a match for the local church around the corner (there is always a church around the corner). So why are so many religious writers so giddy that Fred Phelps has died?

My Chick-Fi-A Ethic

Since at least 1998, I have been boycotting Chick-Fi-A. I know some people just found out recently that they hate gays and are massively fundamentalist Christian, but this has been kind of there thing for a long time.