• What You Need To Know About Sanders Supporters

    From left, Sam Brueggeman, 16, and his parents Bill and Carol, of North Freedom, Wis., lead a cheer while waiting for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders to arrive at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wis., Wednesday, July 1, 2015. (Michael P. King/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)
     (Michael P. King/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

    Bernie Sanders supporters are very active online in large part because the corporate owned media is so active in not being fair toward him and his campaign. His supporters feel that if they are not active, then the big money wins. This has been perceived by establishment candidate supporters as being crazy, conspiratorial, and annoying. But it is just the reality of our bought political system.

    In the digital age, the major networks are no longer the gatekeepers of political elections. The internet has given the power back to the people and the people are actively using that power to influence change. Sanders supporters are active because they have to be in order to counter the lies and smears of the bought, big money media who have a vested financial interest in supporting the establishment candidates of both political parties.

    I make no apologies for posting a lot of articles and comments in support of Bernie Sanders. I like him and I want him to win this election. If he loses the primary (which I don’t think will actually happen), then yes I will vote for the Democratic candidate because then the race becomes politics as usual. In politics as usual, I will vote for the politician who shares more of my core views and values. But with Sanders, we have a rare opportunity to elect someone who isn’t merely a politician. We have the opportunity to elect someone who really cares about people and the world we live in. We have someone who isn’t just about his or her own legacy and wealth.

    But Sanders can’t do it alone; he needs our help not just to help him win the election, but to help get more Democrats elected and to help push popular opinion to the point where ever Republicans will have to support his agenda out of fear that they will lose the next election if they don’t.

    Donald Trump surprisingly said it best when he told Republican primary voters in the first debate that our system is broken. He gave money to all the politicians because then he could get them to do whatever he wanted. When asked what he made Hillary Clinton do, Trump told America that he made her come to his wedding and she did. The reason she came, he said was because she had to come. Trump had bought her.

    Our system is broken and Sanders is the best candidate to fix it. He may even be the only candidate willing to try. So I can understand why some people would give up if Sanders doesn’t become the candidate. No one really believes that Hillary Clinton is going to seriously fight to get money out of politics, try to overturn Citizens United, or put an end to SuperPACs. Ultimately, I think America and the world would be better off with a Clinton than a Republican, but an America lead by Bernie Sanders has the potential to be revolutionary.

    Sanders is not a warhawk. He wants to bring the world together and use peaceful means to accomplish these results when possible. Yet, he is also not a pacifist. He has voted for war when he thought it was warranted and he has made it clear in the first debate that he would be willing to do so again as a last resort.

    Sanders is a strong supporter of science and the humanities. By not being afraid to cut the bloated military budget, he will save this nation trillions of dollars that could be better allocated toward science and social programs for the unemployed and under-employed. By pushing for tuition free public colleges, more Americans will be educated. We will see more Americans scientists and engineers than ever before.

    Just these two issues would radically change the world for the better. But there are more issues like these that Sanders is actively fighting for. They aren’t just policy statements or wish lists. These are issues that Sanders feels personally passionate about. They are issues he will fight for and keep fighting for. He will not give in and he will not let the Republicans stop him. He will whip up support from the people to demand that congress take action. He will strong arm opponents and not back down. He is genuine and he is someone who supporters believe will strongly fight for the issues we care about.

    This is why I am proud to be a Bernie Sanders supporter and why I will defend him against corporate lies and pessimistic Clinton supporters. It is why I will comment and argue with people and try to persuade them to support him. He is not a perfect candidate. I wish he used more humor. I wish sometimes he would come up with a good soundbyte to address a question or to make a point on an issue. I wish he was better on the gun issue in America. But despite his lack of perfection, I truly think he has my back. I truly think he cares about the issues he talks about. And I truly think that he is the candidate America needs. This is what you need to know about Bernie Sanders supporters.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.