• Patriot Day: My Favorite Holiday

    two-candles-400x266Say what you will about former President George W. Bush, but he was the only President who made my birthday a national holiday. I was deeply moved considering that I didn’t vote for the guy and was definitely not a fan. Still, he graciously honored me with this holiday celebrating my patriotism.

    The Facebook Birthday greetings have begun and I try my best to thank everyone for their kind greetings and well wishes. It’s not easy sharing one’s birthday with a day most people remember as one of the most horrific days in modern times.

    I still recall where I was on this morning of 2001. I was sitting at work when a co-worker told me that a plane hit one of the Twin Towers. As someone who grew up near New York City, I was instantly interested in learning more about the story. When the second plane hit, everyone knew it was an attack and I worried about the safety of my brother who was living blocks away from the Towers.

    I tried calling him, but nothing was getting through. Eventually, I was able to get him on the phone and he told me that he wanted to celebrate my birthday by lighting a couple of candles. It was a horribly bad joke but at the time I laughed hysterically. He doesn’t believe in “too soon” when it comes to dark humor and neither do I. But at the time, I was just glad he was safe. That was really the best birthday present I could have received that year.

    This year, barring another terrorist attack that would once again force me to wish for the safety of others, I want you all to help celebrate my Birthday by “liking” my Dangerous Talk Facebook group and checking out some of the articles on my Dangerous Talk. I know, I’m vain and I think this day is about me. Well, it is my birthday so I am allowed to be vain today. It would also be nice if people would become a Patreon supporter, donator, or just use the Amazon affiliate links from time to time when those things are appropriate to you.

    You guys are really the best birthday present I could hope for. I am so glad to have such awesome fans and supporters. Thank you all for your continued support and for reading and sharing my articles. It really does mean a lot to me. It may be my birthday, but we are all patriots of humanity. With that said, Happy Patriot’s Day to everyone.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.