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Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Answers in Genesis responds to my 4thought slot

Answers In Genesis, the bonkers Young Earth Creationist website headed by Ken Ham (who gets special mention in my book Believing Bullshit), singled out my Channel 4thought slot for comment. Go here and scroll a little over halfway down. I am very pleased.

All I need now is to be attacked by “Mad Mel” Melanie Phillips and I can die happy.

P.S. This guy at “They Don’t Fool Me!” has also got cross about the Channel 4 thing, after reading the above Answers in Genesis post. Apparently anyone who thinks the world is older the 6k years is a “leftist”. I just posted this comment (which I suspect won’t ever appear):

Stephen Law December 8, 2011, 8:04 am Reply
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Yeh, let’s string up this leftwing atheist commie punk for insisting the Earth is older than 6 thousand years.

P.S. 12th December: As I predicted above – They Don’t Fool Me! blogger refused to put up the above comment and instead put this up in a post: “Today in the House of Horrors, we have the Christian hating philosopher Stephen Law responding to my post that included “Are Christians Mentally Ill?” in comments saying something nutty about ‘stringing up atheists’ and linking to a youtube video.”

Seems They Don’t Fool Me! is not too keen on me posting a link to William Lane Craig Lane explaining why the universe is very probably 13.7 billion years old and Young Earth Creationism is implausible.

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