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  1. Unfortunately, most of the free speech against religion is motivated by bigotry. People don’t hate Islam as much as they hate Muslims and advocate disrespect of Islamic people, etc. Same story as anti-semitism, etc. Instead, we should be able to criticize religions openly and analyze how they promote magical thinking and value faith over logic. This can be done with a caring attitude towards religious people. I don’t like the pressure on some Orthodox Jews to play ridiculous mind games about not manipulating machinery on the Sabbath, but I certainly wouldn’t outlaw the sale of a system with a string they can pull that will push buttons for them. I also wouldn’t support printing cartoons that are intended to insult and inflame.

    I advocate a war against religion, but it is not a war against any religious people. Nor is any particular brand of religion the issue, although, just as with cigarettes, some are worse for you than others. Ultimately, all religions are about breaking your brain so you can cram in the thought before the thinking.

    Some people will object to this generalization. However if I am welcome in your religion after my thinking fails to lead me to the commonly held core beliefs and I can continue to express my divergent view, then your religion is really just a social club.

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