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Posted by on Jul 24, 2008 in sinner ministries' "proof of the existence of god" | 254 comments

“Proof that God Exists”

Andrew Louis commented about this “proof” that God exists on offer over at Sinner Ministries. Here’s a quick comment from me. Check out the “proof” first though. It’s short, and kind of amazing…. (n.b. choose objective laws, etc. as it saves time).

Stephen wrote: Checked out the “proof”. So it runs: if you believe in objective laws of logic and maths and science and moral truths (that are immaterial, by which author means not made out of material stuff), you must believe in God because, er, they couldn’t exist if God did not.

Clearly, the author really thinks he’s got a “proof”. But it is shot full of holes.

First, where’s the argument that objective laws of logic, etc. require the existence of God? There isn’t one. Just the assertion that they do. Yet, amazingly, this is offered as the “proof”.

The author’s chutzpah is kind of breath-taking. Only a religious zealot would dare offer this as a “proof” with a straight face.

Note that, even if the laws of logic DID require the existence of some sort of deity to underpin them, we could still ask, why this particular God – the Judeo-Christian God? Particularly as there’s overwhelming evidence that there is no such being (see my “God of Eth”).

(P.S. notice the quote “He who hates correction is stupid” from Proverbs 12.1 – featured at the bottom of a website that offers a “proof” of God’s existence, but that provides no way to respond or, indeed, correct, the egregious errors contained therein. The irony is lost on these guys, I guess…)