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Posted by on Apr 7, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Form letter for religious complainants

NB. this is a bit of fun at the expense of SOME religious complainants (having recently been the target of some complainants of this sort myself). Of course, plenty of religious folk don’t write this sort of guff, and do actually take the time to make considered, well-judged points. But there’s a certain sort of religious moaning minnie we are all familiar with at whom this is obviously aimed.

Perhaps an atheist version could be constructed – I’ll leave it to a theist to do so.

Dear (tick as appropriate)
* potential purchaser of this publication on amazon
* editor of the letters page of the ______ newspaper
* publisher

I recently read ______’s article/book ______ and I must say I am appalled. What were you/the publishers thinking? The author is clearly (tick one or more as appropriate):

* operating with a crude and unsophisticated understanding of religion.
* guilty of attacking a straw man.
* guilty of constructing a grotesque caricature of religion.
* trotting out tired cliches.
* not qualified to comment in this area, being a _____

Only a fool would think that that’s what sophisticated theists such as myself believe. In addition, the author is: (tick as appropriate)

* aggressive, embittered and fanatical.
* rude and insulting.
* guilty of mounting unwarranted ad hominem attacks against his/her opponents.

His/her arguments are: (tick as appropriate)

*of the sort that children/1st year undergraduates can spot the holes in.
* of the sort that would have you thrown out of my undergraduate lectures. (thanks to John D for this one! – SL)

Clearly, the author is wedded to (tick as appropriate):


and we all know where that leads, don’t we? Remember, atheism is a faith position too.

I cannot be bothered to provide any explanation or indeed justification for any of these accusation, nor to explain what I believe. Instead I say this: that science and reason have their limits!

Arrogant Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Prof clever dick ________ should just remember that there are “more things in heaven and earth that are dreamed of in YOUR philosophy!” The author should show a little humility, for goodness sake!

Readers would do far better to look elsewhere for a proper understanding of religion. I suggest works by: (tick as appropriate):

* Mark Vernon
* Karen Armstrong
* Alister McGrath
* William Lane Craig

Yours sincerely


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