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Posted by on Nov 27, 2008 in Outrageous Tales From The Old Testament | 2 comments

The Brick Testament

The Bible, done in Lego. I particularly like the Book of Job. And advice on stoning. This is officially the work of a Reverend, but is clearly a clever spoof. It certainly gets you to look at the Bible in a new way. Some bits are very funny.

This reminds me of Outrageous Tales From the Old Testament, as it’s just the original, unvarnished text illustrated (with, I grant you, some rather tongue in cheek speech bubbles). The illustrations, being in an incongruous style, bring home just outrageous the tales really are.

Some nice stuff in the shop. Ships to U.K.

The page for the book of the Ten Commandments contains this review:

This book, and the corresponding website, is written by an atheist, and the website contains disturbing Lego “creations” by the author that young children should not be exposed to. How irresponsible for this author to use children to advance his agenda regarding his lack of belief in God.

Ironic. Possibly this is itself a spoof comment? As I say, the book presents the original text, and illustrates it using Lego. How could showing illustrated passages of the Bible to a child be a problem? Because this really is the unvarnished text, revealed in all its gory horror and moral perniciousness – not the highly selective, Disney-fied version kids usually get in their “Bible Stories For Children.”


  1. I thought you might have focused on this one about Stephen .Looking forward to the Lego versions of other classics.

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