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Posted by on Mar 26, 2008 in mountain biking | 6 comments

Mountain biking

This is my Specialized S-Works Epic. And er… yes, that is Lycra.

I sometimes drive to South Wales for the day to ride at Afan Argoed. I do White’s Level, then The Wall, then the Penrydd, or whatever it’s called. Then drive home. Then it takes me two days to recover.

I am going next Tuesday if it’s not raining….

Perhaps it is “the fastest suspension bike in the world”, but not with me riding it, unfortunately.

Video of The Wall here. Gets faster and faster…


  1. Stephen, There is yet to be discoverd any situation so diabloical or any event so ‘worth it’ that the wearing of lycra pants is considered acceptable.

  2. You even clip into the pedals – you must be a serious biker… unless it’s a case of “all the gear and no idea” ;o)I too am an avid mountain biker. North Wales, the Clwyds, is just on my door step. Always lots of fun.If you like The Wall you’ll enjoy The Marin Trail, Betws-y-Coed. The climb at the start sorts the men from the boys and there’s plenty of technical downhill and great views to be had.Check out and wear lycra shorts with baggies over them – this way I can keep my mobile and change in my pocket without having to dig into the rucksack. Also, I can clip my iShuffle into the belt loop.

  3. Yes I did the Marin Trail and liked it a lot…

  4. Wow, that looks so fun! I now wanna be a mountain biker. Lycra and all. I reckon girls can pull it off better anyway…

  5. Stephen, The shorts are not a bad idea but like any great crime, the perpetrator at the very least is aware of the crime. Can you really live with that knowledge?

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