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Posted by on May 20, 2008 in events | 4 comments

Australia: SBS TV Insight programme

I’ll be live on Australian TV SBS, 7.30pm Sydney time on Monday 26th May – Insight programme.

They are making a show about faith schools. It’s a forum/discussion type programme. I shall be contributing via satellite link.

CORRECTION: It’s Tuesday 27th, not Monday 26th (thanks to Nigel).


  1. “Insight” is an excellent show and I have marked your episode on my calender.Watch out for the Moderator, Jenny Brochie, though. She is very clever! and once provoked the former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, into his first and last, “hissy fit” on national television. May I just add, I read your book, The Philosophy Gym, and it was wonderful!!!! Please publish some more of your work. I’ll buy it.

  2. Excuse me Dr Law; Please can I clarify that your appearence on SBS “Insight” program, is on Monday 26th of May, at 7.30 pm, Sydney time ?Because I think the show is pre-recorded? on Monday, and actually screens on Tuesday, 27th of May at 7.30 pm, Sydney time? I doubled checked all the program guides here and “Insight” is definitely screened on Tuesday, from my veiwing experience, as well. I think this is so the producer can “edit” what he doesn’t like. Looking forward to seeing you!!

  3. Thanks for the info Nigel. I shall watch out for Brochie….

  4. Bah! Dingos ate my comment!I’ll make this one shorter. Like Nigel said, Insight is an excellent show, particularly as every time I watch it the actually discuss relevant problems of a given topic.When it was on stem-cell research, for instance, they managed to talk about real ethical issues like egg donation (although they did also talk about ‘destroying people’ and whatnot).Having you on the show should do the same for faith schools. I’ll definitely tune in.OT, I’m a uni student and I also tutor year 12 philosophy so I appreciate the clear writing in your books and articles. Do you have any pointers for people wanting to communicate philosophy to a general audience?

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