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Posted by on Mar 12, 2008 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Religious experiences

Enigman has commented on previous post, suggesting (paraphrasing) that if we can have knowledge of maths and logic a priori, why not God?

There’s a lot needs unpacking here. But let’s make a start. First of, what sort of truths are mathematical truths. Are they made true by, say, corresponding mathematical facts? Are they trivial – mere consequences of stipulations we’ve laid down? Or what?

The analogy between religious knowledge of a God who exists independently of us and knowledge of mathematical truths only works if there is also a mathematical reality out there existing independently of us about which we then can, by some mysterious, non-empirical means, have knowledge (e.g. perhaps by recollection of what we knew before we were born, as in the Meno; or perhaps by virtue of some quasi-perceptual faculty linking us up to this mathematical reality). So, Enigman would need to establish there is such a reality. That’s a big ask.

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