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Posted by on Jan 25, 2008 in faith schools, Ibrahim Lawson | 24 comments

The Ibrahim Lawson correspondence

I have had a long dialogue with Ibrahim Lawson, head of an Islamic school, about faith schools.

Ibrahim had said on Radio 4 that in any good Islamic school “Islam is a given and never challenged”. I said that such schools (Islamic, Christian, or indeed, atheist) should no longer be tolerated. He got in touch…

Here are links to the correspondence so far (which has become very spread out).

Nov 27th My Original Post, which provoked Ibrahim into getting in touch.

Ibrahim’s original email to me, which I then posted.

The correspondence that followed this initial exchange can be scrolled through here (in reverse order). Note that some of Ibrahim’s responses appear not as posts, but as comments on posts. To see the comments on a post, click on “comments” at end of post, or click on the orange title of the post. Scrolling backwards through these posts will give you the gist of the dialogue to date.

My latest response to Ibrahim is here.