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Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Uncategorized | 7 comments

THE LIMITS OF SCIENCE – video of discussion between myself, Rupert Sheldrake and James Le Fanu

There is a 40 minute video here of myself in conversation wit Rupert Sheldrake (scientist) and James Le Fanu (author and journalist) on The Limits of Science. There’s a navigation bar for different topics.


  1. Fascinating discussion, but perhaps a bit superfluous. It may be true that there are some fields that are beyond the investigative capabilities of science, but we don’t currently know for sure what these are. It seems foolhardy, therefore, to close off any field from scientific study.

    To determine the limits of science we should be applying it across the board in order to get an empirical determination, rather than arbitrarily fencing off areas of study.

    • Paul – do you not think that Le Fanu was a bumbling fool? He didn’t have a clue past “well it’s so complex, so science can’t ever understand it…”

      • At first I thought he was drunk — but maybe that’s just his style….

  2. Rupert Sheldrake’s conception of consciousness seems ancient.

  3. Ugh. Sorry, but that wasn’t a particularly well spent 40 minutes. Sheldrake is the representative of science?

  4. My cat morphed in here, resonantly, and told me that Sheldrake doesn’t know what he is talking about. She said the dog just has really, really good hearing and a good sense of time. And the time I came home in that rental car? his morphic resonance didn’t work at all!
    As for the cat, she told me that she always knows when there’s a trip to the vet coming up because we hide the carrier and try to pick her up in circumstances when we would never otherwise do so. So it’s under the bed for her.
    I guess a real scientist would check such things out before postulating an undetectable “field” that enables animal psychic abilities….
    Were I a philosopher I’d be very cautious about sharing a podium with such a woomeister.

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