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Posted by on Jun 8, 2007 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Law debates His Holiness (no, not that one)

By the way, while vainly trawling the internet for any mention of me, I just discovered a video of me debating His Holiness Shivarama Swami at UCL on the existence of God here, if anyone’s interested.

1 Comment

  1. Hello Stephen!I finally managed to find time to listen to the debate between you and his holiness. It was interesting and educational overall yet there a few things that strikes me as extraordinary. First of all it appears to me that you are only one in the entire room who actually sticks to the game-plan and hold the al good, all powerful God-problem in sight whenever you say something. This brings very little points to your opponents. Secondly I fully support you last positive entry on being an atheist. There is so much wonder in the world and there is simply no need for the supernatural or extraordinary etc. Having the need for the extraordinary seems to me to be linked up with irrational fears of say ‘the end’, ‘death of the individual’ or of the ‘me’ if you wish. Yet to conclude that there must exists an all good, all powerful God based on these arbitrary subjective psychological factors or purely on hope is from where I am standing completely and utterly unsound.All in all Stephen you have my vote.

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