• The poem Erdoğan doesn’t want you to share

    The Erdogan poem meets the Streisand effect!

    About a year ago, a German tv show aired a video criticizing Turkey’s Human Rights record — Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, responded demanding the German government to intervene and delete the video.

    Two weeks later, German satirist and television presenter Jan Böhmermann made another video, reciting a poem that was deliberately offensive to Erdoğan, who chose to sue Böhmermann.

    Although the criminal charges were dropped by the prosecutors, a civil court ruled yesterday, forbidding Böhmermann to repeat most of the poem.

    So today, I am reposting Defamation Poem — because I am for free speech, and an important part of free speech is the freedom to criticize, mock and even insult authorities; as it so happens, I am also not subject to or bound by German law, since I have never been to the country —and that wouldn’t even matter, for I would repost it anyway—:

    Stupid as fuck, cowardly and uptight,
    Is Erdogan, the president,
    His gob smells of bad döner,
    Even a pig’s fart smells better,
    He’s the man who hits girls,
    While wearing a rubber mask,
    But goat-fucking he likes the best,
    And having minorities repressed,

    Kicking Kurds,
    Beating Christians,
    While watching kiddie porn,
    And even at night, instead of sleep,
    It’s time for fellatio with a hundred sheep,

    Yep, Erdogan is definitely
    The president with a tiny dick,
    Every Turk will tell you all,
    The stupid fool has wrinkly balls,
    From Ankara to Istanbul,
    They all know the man is gay,
    Perverted, louse-infested, a zoophile,
    Recep Fritzl Priklopil

    Head as empty as his balls,
    Of every gang-bang party he’s the star,
    Till his cock burns when he has a piss,
    That’s Recep Erdogan,
    The Turkish president.

    So, you know… whatever you do, do not share the Erdogan poem!

    (image: Wikimedia Commons)

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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