• Wonder Woman is way too empowered for UN

    Back in October, Wonder Woman was named as a new honorary ambassador for the United Nations, to promote messages of empowerment of women and against gender violence.

    The decision did not sit well with the bigoted prudes, who immediately started an online petition for Princess Diana to be removed from office because, apparently, judging women by their physique and appearance is not wrong when they do it. And given the heroine is sexy and lightly dressed, these creatures ripped their garments for that First World Pseudoproblem called objectification. And their tantrum worked.

    After more than 45,000 signatures, the UN announced that Wonder Woman will be it’s honorary ambassador up until this Friday, according to them because “fictional characters often last no longer than a few months”. What a coincidence!

    Since its inception, Wonder Woman has been a symbol of female empowerment, but we must understand that if a woman (real or fictional) fights for equality and justice she has to be aesthetically hideous because, otherwise, her struggle is worthless; lest the girls be stupid and can’t understand the message because they will be too busy obsessed with their looks. Or something like that.

    The case should not be too surprising, though: it is not the first time that the UN assumes a sanctimonious positions, nor the first postmodern siege to the world of comics. Surely, it will not be the last time either.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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