• The 109 Nobel laureates letter against Greenpeace

    Yesterday, 109 Nobel laureates signed an open letter to Greenpeace urging them to stop sabotaging the Golden Rice particularly, and GMO’s research generally. The letter was also sent to the UN and the governments around the world.

    Greenpeace responded that golden rice was really about facilitating the global adoption of more profitable GM crops (!), and that is has not been proven that golden rice serves to counter provitamin A deficiency (VAD).

    Obviously those are lies — the best available evidence shows that golden rice does in fact counteract VAD.

    Besides, profitable GMOs will be approved with or without golden rice, but the answer serves to know where Greenpeace‘s priorities lie: between which children starving to death —and going blind— and nobody profiting, or children living and some companies profiting, they rather the first scenario.

    Moreover, it is worrying that the scientific establishment has to lower its level of discussion to that of first world bratty kids who have never been hungry, or have gone blind and their criminal tantrums. If these little cork oak minds can not understand how science works and how informed decisions are made, why give in and appeal to authority? Golden rice in particular and GMOs in general would remain the best options we have for food, even if all Nobel laureates were against, because it’s the evidence what counts.

    As for the UN and world governments I don’t know how much impact can the letter will have — they are supposed already have this information already, however, they haven’t acted on it.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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