• Happy Holidays and All Lives Matter

    I have always said “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” because I don’t believe in the jew zombie, not the historical account, neither the metaphysical one. And, due to the fact that I interact with adults, I have never been held responsible for their feelings — and I shouldn’t be.

    For years, that has been the default logic within the rational community: however you feel about The Satanic Verses or anything else, that’s your problem, not anyone else’s, and no one but you should be held accountable for your feelings.

    But now, in the age of cry-bullying, some atheists are moving the goal posts because now they want to hold people accountable for their feelings when it’s about their pet issue. Case in point, some Camille Beredjick at Friendly Atheist:

    Conservatives who get up in arms about the phrase “Happy Holidays” worry that it dilutes the particular fondness they feel for Christmas. They think their rights as Christians are being stifled when they can’t express their Christmas celebration in public (which, by the way, they can still do).

    Unfortunately, these are sometimes the same people who don’t see the value in the resounding phrase “Black Lives Matter.” The purpose of saying that is to acknowledge the very real discrimination and brutality black people face in society; it’s a counter to harsh policies and practices that suggest black lives don’t matter.

    Well, Beredjick is wrong the same way Christians who think we all wage a war against Christmas in December have always been wrong. I don’t have to say “Black Lives Matter” in order to counter racism.

    As a matter of fact, I happen to think the BLM movement is counterproductive to its stated goal because they have adopted a victimhood narrative, which in turn they think entitles them to wrong other people — even people who might be sympathetic to their stated goal and cause. I like their ends, but not their means, hence I want nothing to do with them.

    I claim that all lives matter because I do believe so, and I am certain that lower expectations racism is still racism. And you don’t counter racism with more racism; you counter racism with equality.

    BLM is to fighting racism what Rebecca Watson is to women’s rights and skepticism — the goal is worthy but they are hurting the cause by the minute. So, when someone, anyone, says “Happy Holidays” or “All Lives Matter”, instead of getting mad, maybe you should ask yourself what is it with your pet issue that have alienated people away from your cause?

    Could it be that it is a totalitarian death cult all wrapped up in superstition? And could it be that people are put off by worthy causes being defended with shitty, post-modernist self-righteous activism and the promotion of identity politics?

    That’s way more productive —and mature, mind you— than holding people accountable for your feelings!

    By the way, it’s time we all stop policing what other people say. Language is a product of reality, not the other way around; so if you really want to change how people express themselves, maybe you should be working towards getting a better society, instead of shouting “bigot” whenever someone says something that you dislike. Censorship is for authoritarians.

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