• Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris

    Tonight, Paris lived a series terrorist attacks. They were carried out by Muslims who shouted Allah Ackbar before shooting.

    What goes through my mind right now:

    • My thoughts are with the French people.

    • The attacks are the sole responsibility of their authors: people are responsible for their own actions — if you come to blame the West, you may well turn around and go back the way you came, this page is not for you and will not be used to blame the victims for the atrocious crimes of their perpetrators.

    • There are heads of state who refuse to admit that much suffering is directly derived from religious doctrines. As long as they keep making excuses for anti-democratic totalitarian ideologies (which are all faiths, not just Islam, which just happens to be more dangerous), their expressions of shock, horror and support are empty words offered only as a formality. If they’re not willing to stand up for democracy, they are accomplices of terrorism by default and will be accomplices of future terrorist attacks.

    • The vast majority of the media around the world are accomplices for what happened today, because they refused to publish back then the covers of Charlie Hebdo, supposedly because they were offensive. Oddly, they did not seem offensive to show how one of the savages finished off one of the victims on the sidewalk.

    • Shortly apologists of terrorism will appear saying that pointing out the obvious amounts to the made-up concept of Islamophobia.

    (image: CNN)

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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