• Spain’s Franco made into a saint

    A Spain’s small schismatic Catholic church, the Palmarian Church of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, has a new Saint — fascist dictator Francisco Franco:

    [The] remodeling includes a row of statues on the pediment of the temple among which stands that of a military with a cape and a hat, and whose head is surrounded by an aureole of a saint. Few would doubt that the ‘holy’ in question is Francisco Franco, the dictator who died in 1975 and the Carmelites of the Holy Face canonized -of course at their own risk-some years ago.

    Not surprisingly, the followers of Pope Clement consider General Franco as one of their icons and guides, at the height of others like Don Pelayo, Primo de Rivera, Columbus or Cardinal Cisneros, all puffed at schismatics palmarian altars.

    They look up to a genocidal maniac who clung to power for over 40 years, they must be so proud.

    Like I have said before, I won’t tell anyone whom to worship or not — religious groups are free to worship whoever they like. I won’t get all worked up over this, but it always helps to elucidate what their morals are (spoiler alert: it’s never the moral high ground). They’re making my case for me: religion is just fascism wrapped in superstition.

    To make matters worse, Spain’s Historical Memory Law forbids francoist symbols and spaces… but there’s a religious exemption to that. Did anyone say religious privilege?

    (via Diario de un ateo)

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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