• De-baptism matters

    Recently I got my apostasy letter, confirming I am no longer part of the Catholic Church. This is something I had wanted for so long, I felt great about it.

    A few days later, I run into a Friendly Atheist post where Hemant Mehta asks “Who really cares that you were baptized?” Well, a hell lot of people:

    For starters, me. I do not want my name to remain tainted by association with a criminal mafia. (Isn’t that enough a reason?)

    Secondly, the Catholic Church itself. When they’re trying to poison our public policy with their superstition, they will make an argument of the sort: 73% of Colombians are Catholics, therefore, marriage equality is a no-no. Why would I enable the kidnapping of my name to swell their statistics every time they want to ignore secularism?

    Thirdly, any person who cares about human rights and despises what people do with babies when they have no critical thinking skills. Recruiting children is wrong, it’s a form of child abuse.

    Getting out of the Catholic Church is a way of fighting religious privilege. The more people knows about it, the more they will think before subjecting underaged kids to the follies of religion.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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