• Rihanna goes rogue and the UK goes prude


    This Rihanna‘s ad turned out to be way too sexual for British kids:

    A poster advertising Rihanna’s perfume Rogue has been banned in areas where children are likely to see it because it presents the pop star in a ‘sexually suggestive’ way.

    The advert features an image of the Barbados-born singer sitting on the floor with her head and shoulders leaning against a wall and her legs raised against a large bottle of perfume.

    Ohh, yeah – let’s protect kids from thinking sex is nice or, even worse, god forbid they won’t feel ashamed about their bodies.

    Why would any country want empowered people who are proud of their bodies and aren’t afraid of sex.

    The report also says the ad was banned after a single complaint claimed it was “demeaning to women”. Sure thing: a succesful, wealthy woman launching her own perfume brand, and being in control of her sexuality is setting such a bad and demeaning example for the rest.

    But these people think they know what’s best for Rihanna… why would it be misogynistic, condescending or demeaning to deny her agency over her own life?

    This is the second time Rihanna faces this kind of censorship this year; the first one was due to her song with Shakira. When United Kingdom officials start acting like Colombian ones, we all should worry.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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