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    José Bové

    José Bové is a French politician who was elected to the European Parliament in 2009 for Europe Ecologie. He’s also known for trashing a GMO corn field for which he was convicted to pay a fine. So, he’s quite the posterboy for the greens.

    Turns out, he just outed himself as a homophobic douche as well:

    I am against any manipulation of living beings, whether by gay couples or heterosexual couples. I think the right to life and the right to have a child are two different things. I do not think the right to have a child is a right. I will have lots of enemies.


    In a harsh attack on homosexuality Noël Marmere said “Feminists or LGBT commissions have filled the Party’s agenda with their demands (…). “José Bové supports her outrage because Ecology has become the Trojan horse of political action for homosexuals and pedophiles. This is a real subversion of environmentalism, a scandal.

    This nasty piece of work is now being quoted by Catholic media. I guess you can’t get enough of naturalistic fallacy wrongdoings in one lifetime, huh?

    (via Tomates con genes)

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