• The Catholic Church cares about jurisdiction?

    In a hearing before the UN, the Catholic Church adduced they lack jurisdiction outside the Vat-cave walls when it comes to child sex abuse:

    [Archbishop Silvano] Tomasi also reiterated that the Holy See’s jurisdiction in applying treaties extends only to the Vatican City state, which is the world’s smallest country, The Wall Street Journal reports, with fewer than 900 inhabitants in the heart of Rome.

    “The Holy See intends to focus exclusively on the Vatican City state,” the archbishop said. “It should be stressed, particularly in light of much confusion, that the Holy See has no jurisdiction … over every member of the Catholic Church.”

    Ohh, now they care about jurisdiction… because that haven’t posed an obstacle when it comes to the Catholic Church trying to infect secular nations’ public policy with their homophobic and collectivist superstition.

    And the Church’s policy of safeguarding pederasts, sheltering them in their Roman sty is what I would call hindering foreign jurisdiction.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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