• Catholicism declining in Latin America

    A survey about Catholicism in Latin America, by Latinobarómetro, shows a declining trend:

    But there is not much to cheer about. Latin Americans who have left Catholicism, have replaced it by other kind of superstition more or less equally absurd:

    The process of secularization that might have happened with increased wealth has not happened as in other parts of the world. Latin America remains a region where religion is predominant for the vast majority of the population of each country with the exception of Uruguay.

    What we see is a migration of religions more than a secularization process, a counterintuitive phenomenon when compared to the development of other societies such as European ones.

    Societies condemned to live in ignorance and failure; the flavor (Catholicism or Protestantism) is just anecdotal.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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