• Animal advocates advocate for writer’s suffering

    Valparaíso region in Chile is having one of the country’s fiercest fires. People have lost relatives, friends and their belongings.

    Amidst this tragedy, writer and journalist Rafael Gumucio tweeted this opinion, which was not well received by animal advocates:

    Some hipsters went to save kittens and dogs while Valparaíso was burning and thousands of their countrymen fighting for their lives. #embarrassment

    That’s all it took for animal activists to justify such a behavior and go after him, threaten him and even wish for his daughters to die. So… animals are as important as humans when it’s about saving them, but when humans say something animal activists dislike, killing those animals is fair game. (I know, I know – animal advocates advocating for the suffering and death of human animals is not new)

    I don’t know how many more cases we need to see before calling animal advocacy for what it really is, misanthropy, but I do know I’m sticking to my anthropocentrism: loving human kind first and foremost, a better source of ethics. That’s Huminsm 101.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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