• Chile marches for secularism

    Chile’s Atheist Society is calling to a march for secularism, on Saturday March 22 at 2:00 pm, Chilean time:

    The secular state is sullied on a daily basis. On several civic situations god is mentioned, as in the beginning of the sessions of Congress. Authorities, also, laugh day by day at the secular state with Christian nativity scenes within the Government Palace, psalms in row numbers of some government departments, with images of saints and virgins, with crucifixes or other religious symbols in offices, schools, hospitals and public spaces.

    Even worse, the Catholic Church has tax benefits that no other religion has and that are inappropriate. Churches shouldn’t profit from education either, with subsidized schools, technical institutes, career colleges and universities. Therefore, within the secular state it is fundamental having a secular, public, free and quality education.

    For this and more, we go outside, we come together to tell the government that it is inappropriate. Chile needs a secular state. A real one. One that does not exist. We have to go out and march from the street to fight for constitutional changes aimed at creating or strengthening the secular state.

    A secular state which ensures us equal rights and duties for believers and nonbelievers.

    If you happen to be in Chile during the next few weeks, you might want to check the Facebook event.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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