• Atheist Ash Wednesday

    Today is Ash Wednesday, so while Christians are slathering ash on their foreheads and thinking of the Jewish zombie on behalf of whom they discriminate, kill and promote misery, Bucaramanga Atheists (here in Colombia) are having fun with the Atheist Ash Wednesday:

    Student-led news website Prensa Estudiantil covered the event:

    In an act against discrimination based on religious belief, and using the fact that Colombia is a secular state, some city unbelievers have taken advantage of the Ash Wednesday date to perform a symbolic socialization act, by painting different motives rather than the traditional cross on their foreheads, suggesting an alternative message of joy.

    Thus, a group of young people wanted to draw attention to the invisibility of the many people who don’t profess any religion in Bucaramanga and all of Santander [State] by putting on their foreheads the symbol that they would have more identification with, either it was references to math, relativity, science, the comic book of their choice or just a happy face.

    The social proposal is aimed to wear it all day long and post it as their profile picture on Facebook biography.

    I was glad to see the atheist symbol on more than one forehead, but I missed the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Maybe next year?

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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